handling of country variants of languages

Dafydd Harries daf at canonical.com
Fri May 20 08:38:33 CDT 2005


A common problem reported by Rosetta users is that people translate into
languages it makes no sense to translate into, for example "French
(France)" or "Spanish (Spain)". These languages don't make sense because
they are for the most part identical to "French" and "Spanish"
repsectively, so translating to them duplicates effort.

As a first step to addressing this problem, we've disabled access to
county codes which we deem are not in common use. This includes all
languages specific to a particular country, with the following

 - en_AU (Autralian English)
 - en_CA (Canadian English)
 - en_GB (British English)
 - pt_BR (Brazilian Portuguese)
 - zh_CN (Chinese Chinese)
 - zh_TW (Taiwanese)

In addition the, "no" (Norwegian) code has been disabled; Norwegian
translators should use either "nb" (Bokmål) and "nn" (Nynorsk).

However, while you will not be able to create new PO files in these
languages, existing PO files for these disabled languages will continue
to be available for the time being. This is due to the fact that we
don't currently have a means of removing these files without losing the
translations contained therein. In the future, we will provide a
means of merging these undesired PO files with more useful ones.



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