Timo Jyrinki timo.jyrinki at
Tue Mar 29 03:25:57 CST 2005

On Sat, 12 Mar 2005, Johannes Söderlund wrote:

> Is there a Finnish translation team for Ubuntu? I would like to help.


There's no one unified Ubuntu Finnish translation team, but there is
for example a Finnish "Local Community Team" that I started up:

It's meant as a way to connect Finnish Ubuntu users by providing 
communication means. Currently, the only way of communicating is
our #ubuntu-fi irc channel at Freenode, but there will be more as
soon as we'll be officially on the LoCoTeamList etc.

For translating Ubuntu, there are a few links I put on our page
there. Gnome translation project is probably the most important part
of Ubuntu translation, but there also a few Ubuntu-specific parts
which are important to translate by Ubuntu users specifically.
I've translated the new update-manager and update-notifier packages,
but the following are needing translation still:

* see URLs there, fix fuzzy and untranslated strings

Arch repository:

About Ubuntu, ReleaseNotes texts:

For information about translating using "po" files, see the tutorial at:

If you translate something, always use a dictionary for guidance:

and if unsure check with others. Join #lokalisointi at IRCNet if you 
wish - I don't know if there are anyone besides me on #ubuntu-fi that is 
doing translations at the moment.

Anyway, Ubuntu 5.04 is going to be released in a week, so there is
very little time left for translations that are going in that. If you 
translate something related to eg. the installer, send the changes
to me before sending them forward, so that they get checked at least
by one other person.

In addition to the installer, About Ubuntu could be a good choice to
translate for Hoary.

Timo Jyrinki

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