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Jorge Bernal koke at amedias.org
Sat Mar 12 09:38:01 CST 2005

First, you have to register the archive:

$ tla register-archive http://burtonini.com/arch/2004

Then you can get a working copy

$  tla get ross at burtonini.com--2004/gnome-app-install--mainline--0.1 gnome-app-install

To add a language:

$ cd gnome-app-install
$ ./autogen.sh

I see the last fixes are not applied, so you can workaround this by removing the 
gnome-app-install.desktop.in from po/POTFILES.in, then

$ cd po && intltool-update --pot
$ cp gnome-app-install.pot da.po # or your language
## If the language already exists (for the updates)
$ intltool-update da # or your lang code

Last, you can send the .po file directly

A better way is to have your own branch and let the developer to pull your changes 
from there, but explaining that would double the size of this mail :)

A good starter tutorial is on the rhythmbox devel page:

You have a lot of info at:

On Saturday 12 March 2005 15:54, Martin Willemoes Hansen wrote:
> lør, 12 03 2005 kl. 11:38 +0100, skrev Jorge Bernal:
> > On Saturday 12 March 2005 11:28, Martin Willemoes Hansen wrote:
> > > Im having some trouble checking out gnome-app-install in Ubuntu warty,
> > > is there a package available of arch in warty? I cant seem to find it.
> >
> > tla is available on warty main
> Thanks.
> Could anybody please make a short guide to how a translator or anybody
> else can check out gnome-app-install? Or point to a nice tutorial on
> doing this.
> Best regards!
> --
> Martin Willemoes Hansen

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