Is Rosetta working?

Carlos Perelló Marín carlos.perello at
Thu Mar 10 12:07:03 CST 2005

Santiago Erquicia wrote:
> Hi,


> I was trying to update synaptic through Rosetta but everytime I try to
> save a change it says that there was an system error.  Is Rosetta
> working?

unfortunately, we had a problem this week that made Rosetta unusable.

Most of those problems should be fixed already, and in a couple of days, 
the PO upload feature will be working again.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

> BTW, is Rosetta the way to translate things or should we focus on
> translating it upstream?  How often do ubuntu update translations from
> Rosetta?

Well, usually, the current translations at Rosetta should be sent to 
upstream using the po export option because we don't send them 

There are some upstream maintainers that are using Rosetta directly like 
bazaar, pmount and synaptic, the maintainers get the translations 
directly from Rosetta, so you don't need to care about it. If you have 
any doubt, please ask upstream if you need to send or not directly the 

For Ubuntu, we are going to import soon all packages soon and we will 
get the translations automatically inside Ubuntu so you translate and we 
will care about its Ubuntu integration. If you want your translations 
are reused upstream you still will need to send them directly.

We are looking into a way to do this automatically in the future, but 
it's a non trivial task so we don't have a concrete date for it.

> Santiago


P.S.: Please, send any other Rosetta doubt or bug report you could have 
to the rosetta's mailing list at rosetta-users at


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