Small question from newbie

R. A. astronomy at
Thu Jun 30 22:26:17 CDT 2005

Hi! Nice work you all! Some questions from a newbie...

1) Where can I find the template that contains the strings for translation
of the 'Add/Remove Programs' application including the item in the gnome
menu? (This is an example... I hope other applications where I have doubts
are similar)

2) The Hoary templates we translate are going to be used in Breezy I
suppose... but the applications are continously being changed, so how are
the final translations made from Hoary templates?

3) Is there a coordination with the GNOME translation team as it seemed to
me reading the archive?

Adira já ao Net Dialup Light. Acesso profissional gratuito.
NovisNet, a Internet de quem trabalha.

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