New translation group handling in Rosetta

Carlos Perelló Marín carlos.perello at
Fri Jun 3 10:11:30 CDT 2005


Today we did an update to Rosetta that landed many UI improvements with
more statistics and useful information. We hope you enjoy it.

Another big change we landed today is the code that handles permissions
while doing translations. Until today, only Ubuntu translations had that
restriction but now, any project, product or distribution can have such

We have now two different translation modes:

- Open: Anyone can translate/update whatever they want.
- Closed: Anyone can add new translations but only Ubuntu translation
team members are able to edit already existing translations and
upload .po files over the web. Restrictions apply per language so, for
instance, a Spanish translator is not able to change Welsh translations
unless he joins too the Welsh team.

We are working also on a third mode that will block any translation work
to members only, so if you are not a member, you will not be able to add
translations or suggestions.

Unfortunately, with those changes, we introduced a bug that under a set
of circumstances, will prevent a .po upload over the web with the Closed
mode. We are aware of that problem already and we are preparing a patch
to fix it as soon as possible so if you get an error saying that you are
not allowed to upload a .po file, be patient and try it again in a week
or so.

To see the current list of Ubuntu translation teams you can see it from:

If you want to translate into a Language that is not listed there,
please, request it sending an email to mailto:rosetta at telling
us the team and languages you are interested on.

If there is already a team for a language you are interested on, feel
free to request to join it.

As before, you don't need to join a translation team to translate in
'Closed' mode, it's only needed if you want to do Quality assurance

If you are a maintainer of a product or a project in Launchpad and do
you want that the Ubuntu translation team handle the Quality assurance
of your translations, visit the main page of your project/product and
select the 'Change Translators' option from the actions menu.


P.S.: We will land soon a rewrite of the statistics code that will fix
all weird problems we have at the moment with current implementation,
please, be patient about that too.

Carlos Perelló Marín
Ubuntu Hoary (PowerPC)  =>
mailto:carlos.perello at
Valencia - Spain
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