Rosetta for translating?

Matthew East matthew.east.ubuntu at
Mon Jul 18 07:54:08 CDT 2005

On Mon, 2005-07-18 at 14:49 +0200, Martin Trost wrote:
> I've got some questions on the use of Rosetta to translate for example
> Ubuntu breezy. I can see the translation status in the list, but as soon
> as i click on "German" i get an error. (Translations > Breezy >
> translate > German > "Sorry, you don't have permission to access this
> page"), although i am logged in with my user name and subscribed to
> "Ubuntu German Translators".
> Am i doing anything wrong? Where can i find more information about 'How
> to get involved in translating'? I'm primary interested in helping
> translate Edubuntu, Ubuntu breezy and School Tool.
> Any help would be appreciated, thanks in Advance,

Rosetta is the right place to translate these things! Unfortunately, the
pages have been taken offline right now: apparently they will be back

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to have been an announcement about this
on the rosetta-users mailing list or this list.

I hope that once the problem is fixed, it will be announced on one or
both of those lists.

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