Norwegian translations

Frank Paul Silye fsilye at
Mon Jan 31 09:20:35 CST 2005

Hello Lars-Erik,

there are already a couple of us. I did some work on getting Synaptic 
translated yesterday, but there are still some left. Others have also 
already done some work on it.

I would like to take part in a Norwegian translation team, if only time 
would allow it.

Take care,


lasse at wrote:

>Hello Sirs!
>We are 2 users of Ubuntu-Linux, who found this distro so special, that we would
>like to offer our language knowledge to your projects.
>We have noticed that it is not yet any Official Translators Teams for the Nordic
>languages, therefore we would be pleased if we were allowed to start a Norwegian
>Translator Team.
>Yours sincerely
>Lars-Erik Labori

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