[Re]: I want to Create a Chinese translation team

Wang Jun daxiawj at gmail.com
Thu Jan 6 20:20:07 CST 2005

J Taecha,

I've seen that screenshot too, but I think that's just a Chinese
distribution version of ubuntu, and that in fact is just a Debian
distribution which support Chinese.

The Most  important is Document, right? e.g. the installation Doc, the
usage and administration docs etc. Maybe there is none of them have a
Chinese version, isn't it?

> > Wang Jun, I noticed some screenshots of a Chinese ubuntu version on 
> osdir.com. Could
> http://shots.osdir.com/slideshows/slideshow.php?release=206&slide=1
> it be that there is a Chinese version around already? I'd be
> interested in a 
> Chinese ubuntu version myself and thus wonder.

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