FW: How long to translate?

Richard Newbould richard.newbould at btinternet.com
Thu Dec 1 22:40:36 UTC 2005

I am looking into the feasibility of having Ubuntu translated into Thai.
Could someone please tell me how long it takes for a university-educated
native to translate Ubuntu.  I guess it might tempt the response, "How long
is a piece of string?"  However, I do need to get an idea, given we want to
enable lots of people in Thailand to use a friendly version of Linux, given
Microsoft's clamp-down on licences.

Would they also need to translate OpenOffice, or has that already been done,
and what about other packages?  If so, what is the "typical" translation
time for such programs and that needed to translate a useful set of
applications?  Is there somewhere I can find out what programs are in Thai?

What is the ongoing commitment necessary to support new releases of Ubuntu
and the included software?

Is it possible to make use of existing translation work?  I understand
Mandriva is already 30% in Thai, so are sections of it re-usable in Ubuntu,
or are there license restrictions or impracticalities that would make this
unfeasible?  I really like the Linux Terminal Server feature of Breezy
Badger, as well as the overall usability of Ubuntu, so would rather use it
over other distros.  I think you are doing a great job!

Many thanks!

(Apologies for these really basic questions, but I could not find the answer
to this by searching the archive.)

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