Ubuntu specific strings

Terance Edward Sola terance at lyse.net
Wed Aug 10 04:28:32 CDT 2005

ons, 10,.08.2005 kl. 10.24 +0100, skrev Matthew East:
> On Wed, 2005-08-10 at 10:14 +0200, Terance Edward Sola wrote:
> > Hi, I translate GNOME (through) GTP (GNOME Translation Project) and not
> > Rosetta. I am although a happy Ubuntu user and would like it to be as
> > localized in my language (Norwegian) as possible. I have noted that
> > there are some Ubuntu specific strings here and there. For instance
> > "Ubuntu Device Database" entry under Applications->System Tools
> > (gnome-panel) and "About Ubuntu" under System in gnome-panel. I suppose
> > there are more.
> > 
> > What I am wondering is if there is a place on the web somewhere on could
> > get all of the .po files which where needed to get a 100% localized
> > desktop if GNOME and the other various programs are also translated.
> > 
> > I'm sorry if the answer is quite obvious or well known but I've got the
> > impression that Rosetta also only held various programs etc.
> Anything Ubuntu specific will be in Rosetta because the entire Ubuntu
> distribution is imported into it. See the page:
> https://launchpad.net/rosetta
> You should be able to find those examples you give. In the case of
> "About Ubuntu", this is a documentation team project, and is in Rosetta
> under Hoary [1], but the Breezy version has not yet been released for
> translation. When it is, an email will be sent to this and other mailing
> lists appealling for help with the translation!
> Hope this helps!

Yup, thanks a lot.

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