Translation of Docteam Documents Through Rosetta

matthew.east at matthew.east at
Wed Apr 20 20:04:55 UTC 2005

I have finally had a chance to document the discussion that myself and Sean 
had with Carlos recently about translating our documentation through 
Rosetta. this is essentially a testing initiative both from the point of 
view of whether Rosetta can properly handle our particular mode of 
documentation, and also from the point of view of whether we can figure out 
a way of handling the po files correctly. 

I personally am very excited about using Rosetta to translate our documents, 
and also of the possibility of getting some more translated documentation 
into Hoary as updates. 

Please see this page: 

NOTE TO TRANSLATORS: please remember to maintain all &strings and <strings>: 
do not translate them into your own language. 

Thanks very much folks, and happy translating, 


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