When is (was?) deadline for translations making it into hoary?

Frederik Dannemare frederik at dannemare.net
Wed Apr 6 00:07:33 UTC 2005

On Wednesday 06 April 2005 01:33, Colin Watson wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 06, 2005 at 12:43:12AM +0200, Frederik Dannemare wrote:
[ ... ]
> > You want me to export all four as .po from Rosetta and mail them to
> > you?
> I was about to say "yes, please", but then I realised it was pretty
> easy to script. :) I've merged these into my local working trees
> (with the exception of the last one, which should probably go
> upstream - I haven't been updating this set of .po files in Ubuntu,
> since the .pot doesn't have any Ubuntu changes).
[ ... ]

Cool. And a great many thanks for the nifty little script.

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