Announcing Ubuntu Language Teams

Dafydd Harries daf at
Fri Apr 1 12:49:50 CST 2005

Hi translators!

We are almost ready to handle Ubuntu translations through Rosetta!

As this announcement is being sent, all PO files in Ubuntu are being
imported into Rosetta. This import process will continue over the next
few days.

One of the final steps in getting ready is the creation of Ubuntu
Language Teams. We will accept new translations from anyone, but only
members of the Ubuntu Language Teams will be able to edit and correct
existing translations.

How to join an Ubuntu Language Team:

 * Go to this page to see a list of language teams:

   If you don't see a team for your language, send an email to
   rosetta at asking for it.

 * Select your team from the list of teams you will see in that page.

 * Click over the "Join" link besides the "Active Members" entry.

 * Confirm the subscription.

That's it!

Expect another announcement soon about how to get started translating
Ubuntu in Rosetta.


 * The Ubuntu Code of Conduct applies to translators too, so please,
   read it if you are interested in working on Ubuntu translations:

 * Your team membership will be revoked if you abuse your position as an
   Ubuntu translator.

 * Software translation is a challenging process, we ask that you join
   the Ubuntu Translation Team only if you have some previous experience
   translating software into your language.

 * We hope to bring the same spirit of collaboration to translation as we
   have in the other aspects of the Ubuntu project, so please be prepared
   to work as a team. We encourage the use of mailing lists to
   coordinate translations. If there is no mailing list for your
   language, just ask our mailing list master at
   mailman-admin at You can check for a mailing list



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