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Enrico Zini enrico at
Mon Nov 29 12:29:17 CST 2004


I'm announcing the new UbuntuLanguages wiki page, to act as an index to
all language-specific efforts in Ubuntu.

Today I asked Lulu what is the relationship between internationalization
and documentation efforts, since there are areas of overlap, such as
language-specific documentation groups.

Lulu told me that there is a translation team
(ubuntu-translators at and TranslationTeam in the wiki),
coordinated by Daf, and the two groups should definitely knwo about each
others and work together where it makes sense.

To promote this, I created the UbuntuLanguages wiki page
( that can act as an
index to both translation and documentation language-specific efforts.

I'm sending this mail to both ubuntu-doc at[1] and to
ubuntu-translators at[2] to both ask people to update the
page and to promote a brainstorm on what the two groups could do

As an absolute minimum, we should at least be aware of each others, so
that we can point people to the right direction when they offer for



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