italian translation

Louise McCance-Price lu at
Tue Nov 2 03:49:12 CST 2004

Hi Davide

Thanks for your interest.

I know Dafydd will be in touch with you for the apps translating, but I 
wanted to add that there are a few Ubuntu users who are keen to get an 
Italian community going and perhaps you could be a catalyst here.

If there are enough people, why don't you start an IRC channel - 
ubuntu-it and encourage people to join.
Do the traffic for the channel and if there is enough interest, set up a 
mailing list.

Others have done so - please see local language support - see
for further details if you are interested in moving this forward.

all the best

Davide Pesenti wrote:

>hi *
>my name is Davide, i'm italian and i wolud like to help in translating
>apps into italian.
>I know different guys from Italy that would be pleased to help in doing
>it, so ... here we are waiting for input ;)
>	davide

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