Starting Ubuntu's Romanian Translation Team!

Sebastian DIACONU sebastid at
Thu Dec 23 14:45:25 CST 2004

Hi to all!

1st of all: Merry Christmes and a Happy New 2005 Year!
2nd thought: I'm a Windows user (of course because of
the facility of applications and so on...) but nothing
holds me to proudly look into the Linux "courtyard".
It looks (and feels) better and better each day. So
I've been tested some distros, not beign so convinced
until "the new kid in town": the live CDs. On the
first moment the impresion was so big as the U.F.O.
we're landed on my house roof. I didn't think such
thing is possible. After I was tested all Knoppix from
v.3.3 'till 3.7, also turning through SuSe Live,
Mandrake Move a.s.o. finally I discovered Ubuntu in a
FTP subfolder of the Gnoppix distro mirroring. But
after the first boot, surprise, it looks (almost) as I
dreamed the best liveCD linux distro. Therefor I
really intented to give you a hand for the translation
of this project. Also I would like to propose U (of
course, if possible) some lines to follow in the
packages to be included in the following releases: So,
the look sholdn't be as Windows but (especially me,
and a few friends we speak about linux) it has to be a
complete distribution for the daily computer user - I
mean not for the linux advanced user. So the turn from
Redmond to Linux should be easier. Also (a minus at
this distro) is using of Totem Player as the main
video player. Don't  know what's about it but I can't
play any video file with it. Better use Mplayer (see! In the end of my long, tiredly
message, please, let me know how can I help you, also
how can you help me in order to begin a Romanian
Translation Team for this distro. May I help from the
Windows platform (I mean there is some software who
will help in translation ported in Windows, or better,
should I use Ubuntu to translate it in himself?)?
Hoping I wasn't so boring....

Best wishes from Iasi (Nort-East of Romania),
ZeBee (my OnLine nickname!)

P.S: 1 more time Merry X-mas!!!   

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