[Training Community] Ubuntu Desktop Course - Final Input Please

Billy Cina billy.cina at canonical.com
Wed Dec 5 10:45:26 GMT 2007

Hi all,

Finally we can release the close to final final draft of the desktop course which can be downloaded through: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~canonical-training/ubuntu-desktop-course/ubuntu-desktop-course-beta

Unfortunately we can not provide a pdf as the file is over 70 Mbs and and besides, we need any comments to be provided as branches to merge.

Your input at this critical stage is really important, *please  note:*

    * There are 2 files - 1 which makes up an Instructor guide (with
      instructor note + Answers with the questions); 1 which makes up
      the student guide (no instructor notes and answers  NOT with the
      questions). To compile these simply use:


          make book - for Instructor guide


          make booksg - for student guide

    * Would be helpful if everyone tries to read random sections and
      provide feedback - tell others which lesson you are planning on
      working on so that we can try and get someone reading each of the

    * Having said that, would appreciate everybody having a read of
      Lesson 1.

    * Lesson 1 and 2 have been merged  - the comparison with Microsoft
      has been moved into lesson 1. Would appreciate specific input on
      security aspects of Ubuntu Vs MS.

    * Looking for critical changes only at this stage - typos or gross

    * Additional final touches on formatting still need to be made so
      that we will have fewer white gaps in pages and the flow of text
      and images will be more 'book like'. This should also reduce the
      number of pages, hopefully to the golden 400 page mark. This will
      happen next week.

Cut off date for changes is: *Monday 10 th December. *

We want to launch this before the holiday season so time is critical, as

Thank you hugely in advance for your time :)

Billy Cina
Training Programmes Manager
Dir: +44 207 630 2454
Mob: +44 780 938 9862
billy.cina at canonical.com

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