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Hello everyone,

I am sorry for the delay in getting these minutes sent out, but here they

Ubuntu Classroom Team Meeting September 23, 2010 @ 01:00 UTC

Attendance: nhandler, nigelb, Pendulum, pleia2, cjohnston

Agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Classroom/MeetingAgenda2010Sep23

IRC Logs: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2010/09/23/%23ubuntu-meeting.html#t02:00

 * Who is still involved in the Classroom and what are they doing?

 * nhandler has been developing ClassBot, cleaning up the
unmaintained Lernid, and working on the LoCo Day event. Next month, he
will be coordinating the Packaging Training sessions.

 * cjohnston has been busy with school and helping during sessions
when he is around. He has also helped with ClassBot and UUD.

 * pleia2 has been working with individuals to get classes going, but
most recently with the Beginners Team Development Focus Group to get
their programming classes going. She has also been updating the blog
and answering replies on the mailing list.

 * Pendulum has been hanging around and helping to recruit teachers.

 * nigelb has been working on recruiting people for the packaging
training and UOW, App Developer Week, and other sessions when they
arise. He has also been around to help in case of trouble during

 * Membership

 * Launchpad team includes many inactive people

 * What does it mean to be a member of the team?

 * https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Classroom/Volunteer needs an update

 * pleia2 doesn't think Launchpad is particularly useful to us except
for a management team

 * nhandler had the idea of a wiki page that explains, "If you need
help with foo, contact bar."

 * nigelb felt we need more clearly defined activities

 * nigelb to drive this topic

 * ClassBot Status Update

 * ClassBot is now packaged, has a daily build PPA, and is translated

  * The production server now uses this daily PPA

 * ClaseBot is also running the same code as ClassBot now.

 * There is a new devel bzr branch: lp:classbot/devel and daily build
ppa: ppa:classbot-dev/classbot-devel-dail

 * cjohnston is going to work on documenting where the bots are

 * LoCo Day: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoDays

 * Decide to try a weekend long event to make it more convenient for LoCo

 * The target of this event is to have a large number of LoCo teams
presenting in a large number of languages followed by LoCos continuing
to give sessions

 * The theme for sessions topics will be howtos and tips and tricks
for various LoCo activities (i.e. howto organize a release party, tips
for structuring a Loco, etc)

 * nhandler will work on getting ClassBot to support using a
different language for each session

 * nhandler will update the LoCo Day wiki pages and send out the

 * Classroom wiki pages Update

 * Most /Classroom wiki pages are out of date

 * cjohnston wondered if we even need a wiki since we have a
Wordpress blog and site, but it was determined that a wiki is still

 * Pendulum volunteered to drive the Classroom wiki update

 * Lernid Status Update

 * Lernid is currently unmaintained

 * The config file has been moved to ubuntu-owl, where we have access
to update it. A redirect has also been setup on jono's server

 * Agree to support Lernid at least through the end of the year, but
we will no longer recommend it.

 * nigelb will talk to the various event organizers to make sure they
understand our stance about lernid

 * User Days

 * Decide to hold off discussing UUD until after UDS

 * Calendar

 * mhall119 has developed a webapp that could possibly take the place
of the ical for scheduling classes

  * After the meeting, a short discussion was held with mhall119, and
we basically decided that the webapp currently would not be
appropriate for the Classroom. We wil re-evaluate the issue in a few

 * nhandler suggested creating a simple one page form for submitting
and validating sessions. He volunteered to go ahead and make it

 * 3rd Party Classroom Applications

 * People keep developing applications to help the classroom, but
they do not tell us about them

 * We like to be informed when people start working on these
applications so that we can provide some feedback

 * Pendulum will create a page listing classroom-related applications
on the wiki


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