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Jeu 12 Juin 23:09:36 BST 2008

&quot;Canonical Ltd., the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu, is asking users of<=
Ubuntu Server edition just exactly how they are using it and in what<br>
kind of organisations.[...]<br>
Ubuntu is the popular Linux distribution for the desktop, laptop, thin<br>
client and server which brings together the best of open source<br>
software every 6 months. Ubuntu is free, and is downloaded from mirror<br>
sites around the world.<br>
The Ubuntu Server community wants to ask a broad set of users to share<br>
their experiences. A previous shorter survey from Canonical was<br>
completed (public results at: <a href=3D"
server" target=3D"_blank"></a>) by<br>
those requesting free server CDs, but this is the first time the<br>
Ubuntu server team is requesting information from the community<br>
Co-sponsored by RedMonk Research, the survey<br>
[<a href=3D"" target=3D"_blank">http://survey.ubun=</a>] will gather more detailed knowledge in<br>
order to:<br>
 &nbsp; * Improve future product releases<br>
 &nbsp; * Prioritize feature requests<br>
 &nbsp; * Guide partnerships to add technologies<br>
 &nbsp; * Drive the focus at the next Ubuntu Developer Summit in December 2=
The anonymous survey takes 10 to 20 minutes to complete and is open to<br>
anyone deploying Linux servers today, whether or not they use Ubuntu.<br>
The Ubuntu Server Community Team will present the results in the<br>
beginning of December.<br>
&quot;Our survey earlier this year provided insight into the diversity and<=
global reach of the Ubuntu Server customer base,&quot; said Nick Barcet,<br=
Ubuntu Server product manager at Canonical. &quot;With this survey, we hope=
to understand more about them =96 including how they are using our<br>
software in their businesses =96 in order to better serve them in the<br>
Original anouncement is at:<br>
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