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Sam 7 Juin 17:39:21 BST 2008

*Hello everybody,*

I am sorry for not being active with you during LONG WEEKS but I have been
really busy.
I just kept following what is going on in here and feel like you are having
progress in some points and not in others.

again I wanted to share with you my perception and point of view concerning

*# Layout and design:*
ubuntu-tn.org should be aligned to the global brand definition of ubuntu so
it should have a similar (may be declined a little bit) look and feel than
the ubuntu.com one.

*# Language:*
ubuntu-fr.org is really good and we can contribute to it as we are also
francophones. But I think ubuntu-tn.org should be in arabic (100%) and it
can be the basis to launch ubuntu-ar.org! It really make sens and I am just
kind of excited of the idea to do it in arabic (our language), if you we
don't manage within an open source community context to highlight our
identity then we won't be able to do it elsewhere!

*# Platform and technologies:*
It's evident that the ubuntu-tn.org portal shoulde be fully based on open
source technologies and I suggest a CMS to have the possibility to add later
features as needs won't stop changing.
As follow to this, I suggest to following features and structure:
Wiki for documentation
Document section for shared documents and resources
A forge for maintaining online and in a shared mode our efforts
(translations, documents releases...) just like sourceforge.net
A calenar and event manager to share and promote open source events in
A news and newsletter engine to keep everyone up to date with what's going
on with ubuntu-tn, ubuntu, and open srouce in general.
Forums to be more effective in discussion and to be able to share at a wider
scale our thoughts and ideas.
And also build in community kind of social network for ubunturos and open
source funs and gurus.

Last time, as I submitted my proposal for a portal to ubuntu-tn, I pointed
clearly that ubuntu-tn being part of our coming open source virtual network
is a good idea and make much more sens but it's not an obligation. So again
consider all the above (that we can provide as support to ubuntu-tn) in one
of those scenarios:
- As part of the tunisian open source virtual network:
You will be able to join the efforts of other open source communities to
promote open source in Tunisia. And it make sens as Ubuntu is not the main
cause for us but open source as whole.
You will have the same independence as we won't have any interference in
your activity or the one of other open source community. The virtual network
will be running with almost the same policies as launchpad which is a
canonical system copyrighted platform.
- As an independent platform:
I do not really see open source initiatives this way but it's up to you to
decide. And we will have same motivation to support you in this also.
If you point this alternative we will develop the platform and also provide
hosting to it.

Let me know if one the above scenarios sounds interesting or if any of the
points mentionned needs further clarifications.
I will be also so glad to meet you guys directly. My company is based in
Sfax so I will need to be promped prior but I will make the move and meet
all of us and discuss this with details.

PS. Sorry for using english, I feel much confortable with it than french and
I do encourage usage of arabic (our language) or english for such purposes.
French is just a colonial heritage that it's really time to get rid of it!

*Very best regards*

Houssem HAJLAOUI (guatifa)
Venatoria Network, CEO
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