Asking to better the Ubuntu-tn Loco's maintaining

Fourat ZOUARI fourat at
Ven 2 Nov 18:50:49 GMT 2007

Hello all,
I've been checking Ubuntu-tn's Loco works for some months ago, and was
present on the SFD day and loved what the guys did.

Anyway, i personally see that there's a lot of work that no one's doing, if
we check other's Locos, those who are really helping spreading Ubuntu in
their country, i would say that our Loco is doing 'rien', nada, nothing at
all ...

We had no blogs, no live site, no wiki, no local distribution, and even the
channel #ubuntu-tn on freenod is not maintained, am on the chan for some
months, the topic remains unchanged since i knew the loco, and here's the

on aura une discussion aujourdhui a 22h30

That would say in english:

We'll have a conference today at 22h30

And since some months, everyday people expect that conference for everyday,
that's a big shame ...

Am an Ubuntu addicted now, was a Debian addicted and was a
Redhat-Fedora-Centos (RPM-family) addicted too
In my company, i've forced all employees to take Ubuntu as a productive
plateform and not only a secondary OS installed on their laptop, forcing our
frontal firewall to forward all IRC connects to freenode only, just to let
workers connect to freenode world, and all i get from my loco, is a
unmaintained one ????

I would like to contribute, help spread Ubuntu in Tunisia, but there's
nothing but the name 'Ubuntu-tn', nothing else.

I'm sending this mail, so we can planify an urgent conference to help the
Loco grow up.

Thanks to all.

Project Manager at
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