Build failed in Jenkins: precise-ppa-adt-mozillateam_firefox_next-firefox » i386,adt #51

Jenkins Notification devnull at
Fri Jul 24 11:12:28 UTC 2015

See <http://d-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/precise-ppa-adt-mozillateam_firefox_next-firefox/./ARCH=i386,label=adt/51/>

Started by upstream project "precise-ppa-adt-mozillateam_firefox_next-firefox" build number 51
Building remotely on aldebaran-adt in workspace <http://d-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/precise-ppa-adt-mozillateam_firefox_next-firefox/./ARCH=i386,label=adt/ws/>
[adt] $ /bin/sh -xe /tmp/
+ rm -Rf *
+ RELEASE=precise
+ PACKAGE=firefox
+ OPTS=-p ppa:mozillateam/firefox-next
+ cd /home/auto-package-testing/auto-package-testing/bin
+ ./run-adt-test -a i386 -r precise -p ppa:mozillateam/firefox-next firefox
2015-07-24 11:12:28: Info: Using default VM configuration file
E: Base image doesn't exist '/home/auto-package-testing/cache/disks/pristine-precise-i386.img'. Exiting!
2015-07-24 11:12:28: Info: Cleaning up
+ RET=0
+ [ 0 -eq 2 ]
+ exit 0
Archiving artifacts
ERROR: No artifacts found that match the file pattern "results/*stderr,results/*stdout,results/*log,results/log,results/*.crash,results/testresults/*.xml,results/syslog". Configuration error?
ERROR: 'results/*stderr' doesn't match anything: even 'results' doesn't exist
Build step 'Archive the artifacts' changed build result to FAILURE
Recording test results
[description-setter] Could not determine description.

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