[Bug 652553] Re: Can't change alias of Yahoo! contacts in empathy

Eric TF Bat bat at flurf.net
Wed Nov 3 23:12:36 UTC 2010

*** This bug is a duplicate of bug 404022 ***

Please read more carefully before declaring something a duplicate.  This
bug refers to the aliases of *contacts*, not of accounts.  In other
words, if Fred Flintstone, whose Yahoo account name is yabbadabba, has
two contacts named Barney Rubble and Mr Slate, then according to bug
#404022 he will be unable to change his alias from the displayed default
"yabbadabba", but according to this *different* bug he ALSO can't change
his friends aliases from their displayed defaults "barney42" and
"bossmanslate".  So, as you see, two different bugs - though undoubtedly

Can't change alias of Yahoo! contacts in empathy
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