[Bug 206547] Re: Open (but do not raise) new conversation windows automatically

ukblacknight tom.blacknight at gmail.com
Thu Jan 14 16:03:07 UTC 2010

9 times out of 10 I miss the notification in the top right (in reference
to notify-osd), and I hardly ever notice the indicator-applet status,
usually because it never catches my eye to grab my attention.

I understand that nurturing old models isn't always the best, and that
it does seem inconsistent with what notify-osd and indicator-applet are
trying to achieve, however it is a tried and true method, and it seems
to work well.

The busy status (or do not disturb) is good at keeping the IM client
discreet - maybe empathy shouldn't spawn new windows when the status is
busy, but do so when the status is not busy.  If you're working, set to
busy and you'll tend to conversations when you're ready, or in any other
scenario, you don't mind windows opening.

"Do you really will follow how many conversations and open windows you
have under your current active?"

I don't quite get what you mean here!  I understand that English
probably isn't your first language so no worries!

Open (but do not raise) new conversation windows automatically
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