[Bug 206547] Re: Open (but do not raise) new conversation windows automatically

Pēteris Krišjānis pecisk at gmail.com
Tue Jan 12 12:52:55 UTC 2010

I strongly disagree with opening windows automatically by default, It
breaks all indicator applet idea and in my humble opinion current way is
the best (give indication that you need to give attention to
conversation. If you can't then you don't have tens of windows lingering
open in the background). Popup windows always have been bad stuff, and I
don't see any real reason to enable it by default just because of legacy
of IM clients. Option will be available and that's nice (thanks to
Guillaume and other devs). But I think it should be left as it is.

It could be enabled when accounts are imported from Pidgin or some other
IM client, for example.

Open (but do not raise) new conversation windows automatically
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