[Bug 462994] Re: Account details unremovable.

Innomen Brandon.Sergent at Gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 05:51:55 UTC 2010

I appreciate you rethinking the matter, and I would love to help, but
the the original machine is now an XP box. As I said, I left Ubuntu.

Off topic reasons: (Feel free to stop reading here, this has nothing to
do with the bug. I'm just explaining why I'm no longer in a position to

* Wine needs real development backing and leadership.
* No AHK port or anything sufficiently similar.
* No ext4 view in windows. (That is Ubuntu's problem not windows.)
* Adversarial attitude generally preventing co existence of operating systems.
* Rampant blame the user mentality.
* I'm banned for life from the forums for complaining about problems that apparently canonical apparently agreed with me on.
* The forums outlaw necroposting which renders almost all the data on the forum either a needless duplication of effort or hopelessly out of date.
* Tutorials are considered solutions by the community.
* Development priorities are badly arranged. (There still isn't to my knowledge an easy way to make a live USB install with persistence of settings.)
* The replaced pidgin as the default client on a whim.
* The software center is a travesty.


Account details unremovable.
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