[Bug 440865] Re: Empathy - cannot answer SIP calls nor accept XMPP subscription request

Ken VanDine ken.vandine at canonical.com
Fri Oct 23 12:33:42 UTC 2009

I haven't tested the SIP case myself, but incoming video/audio calls
over jabber do work fine.  The event appears in the messaging indicator
if you have it in your panel, if not it will blink the status icon.
Incoming calls in the messaging indicator should behave differently, but
we need to design that.  We will surely have discussions about that at
UDS to improve it for Lucid.

Here is what happens currently in karmic when there is a call received and the indicator applet is present:
 * Notification bubble appears notifying you of the incoming call
 * Sound notification, sounds like a phone ringing
 * The indicator gets the event and sets "draw-attention" which will change the look of the messaging icon
 * To answer the call, you have to click on the event in the messaging indicator or on the blinking event in the contact list

This work flow works ok, but I admit the first couple times I had to
think "How do I answer this thing?".  We will put some thought in this
for Lucid and hopefully design a much better work flow.

Empathy - cannot answer SIP calls nor accept XMPP subscription request
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