[Bug 392799] Re: #ubuntu too noisy to be useful

Lorenzo J. Lucchini ljlbox at tiscali.it
Fri Aug 14 13:47:56 UTC 2009

I feel this is another proposal that creates a cure potentially worse than the disease.
People are already confused enough with IRC without having a bot telling them to join another one-off channel. I fear #ubuntu will become a place to discuss how to join other channels and why.

Besides, if we use a different channel for each conversation, how will
that be different from a private query? Sure, other people *can in
theory* join, if it's a channel, but that's unlikely to happen if a new
channel is "spawned" for each help request - at least, #ubuntu-classroom
is *one* channel. Are we prepared to make #ubuntu *officially* hand off
support to individuals (who may, maliciously or not, give terrible
advice) without so much as a chance for someone to see what's going on?

#ubuntu too noisy to be useful
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