Meet the Firefox guru: Mitchell Baker, Tomorrow 1:00pm in Damascus

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Thu Oct 28 00:48:02 BST 2010

رئيسة منظمة موزيلا، ميتشيل بيكر: غداً الواحدة بعد الظهر في قاعة الجمعية 
العلمية السورية للمعلوماتية في حديقة تشرين. بالإضافة إلى كل من جون 
فيليبس، كريستوفر آدامز وباري ثرو.

*Time:* Oct 28, 1:00 p.m.

*Location:* SCS Hall, Tishreen Park, on Google Maps:


    * Mitchell Baker:The Chairperson of the Mozilla Foundation and
      Chairperson and former Chief Executive Officer of the Mozilla
    * John Philips: A developer living in San Francisco and Beijing
      while growing and "new" media projects. His
      notable involvements include Open Source and Free Culture
      movements, Inkscape, Open Clip Art Library, building community for
      Creative Commons, and now Status.Net.
    * Christopher Adams: A publisher and designer based in Beijing and
      Taipei. He is a developer at Fabricatorz and works with Neoteny
    * Barry Threw: He works globally to develop culture. He consults
      institutions and artists interested in exploring digital media
      through immersion and interactive media experience; combining
      sound, video, network, and audience interactions.

الجميع مرحب بهم، قوموا بإخبار أصدقائكم المهتمين للحضور كذلك :-)

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