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 May 2014
We are delighted to announce The Revised Third Edition Third of The Music
Blog Directory May 2014
Our minions have been toiling away to bring you the most updated and
freshest Music Blog Directory available anywhere!We have spent hours going
through each email in every single one of the 2,100 blogs in The Music Blog
Directory to make sure they are all up to date and working!  We've also
removed any blogs that have resigned from the music blogging world so you
can rest assured that all the blogs in The Music Blog Directory are active
and that you are provided with the most up to date information.
We are delighted to offer this update for FREE to everyone who has already
purchased the Third Edition of The Music Blog Directory. Please just hit
reply to this email and we will be delighted to send you an updated copy at
no extra charge!
For those of you interested in purchasing your own copy of The Revised Third
Edition of the Music Blog Directory,
This Third Revised Edition of The Music Blog Directory features

Over 2,100 of the Top Music Blogs from around the world,
Over 7,000 direct names and email addresses for the bloggers and their
contributing writers,

The Music Blog Directory now includes every blog that feeds into The Hype

A full description including what styles of music the blog focuses on,
Twitter Contact

The Music Blog Directory is available in two formats, a PDF version for
$75.00 and an Excel or Database Format for $150.00.
Purchase your copy here today -
Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any further questions!
Have a wonderful week!
Emily Williams - emily at - The Music Blog Directory - <> 

 Free Sample Page from The Third Edition of The Music Blog Directory 2014
For your Free Sample Page from The Music Blog Directory, please send an
email to emily at and put "Free Sample" in the subject






 Buy Your Copy of The Music Blog Directory Third Edition 2014 Here!





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