Full data Lists for US Dentists, Nurses, Doctors and Businesses

jim s. jim at hitmiss.co.cc
Thu Apr 26 13:43:48 UTC 2012

Dear Advertising Agency/Dept

We now have 4 full featured lists to help you with your email marketing needs.

--> This week any list below is just $99! <--
Trades are also accepted depending on what list you have

American Business List - 4 million emails in 9,000 SIC categories

USA Nurses and Therapists - 135,000 Emails with Full Data

USA Full Data Healthcare List - 230,000 emails in 365 Medical Specialties and Businesses

US Dentists - 75,000 Emails with both General Dentists and Specialists

Reply back for samples and more information.

If you prefer not to receive emails from us simply put "quit" in the SUBJECT heading in your reply.

Greg Parker

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