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Ll, Grand View, Tenn. Thomaston. Cong. Ch. 10.56 Tolland. Lucy

L. Clough 20.00 Washington. Cong. Ch. 57.22 Waterbury. "A Friend," for
Indian M. 10.00 Waterbury. Mrs. Mary
A Brooks 5.00 West Chester. Ladies of Cong. Ch., for 12.00 Conn. Ind'l
Sch., Ga. West Haven. Mrs. E.C. Kimball 5.00 Wethersfield. Cong. Ch.
59.50 Windham. Cong. Ch. 21.95 Windsor. Sab. Sch. of Cong. Ch., for
70.00 Rosebud Indian M. Winsted. D. Strong,
20; C.B. Hallet, 96.50 10; J.L. Griswold, 10; Henry Gay, 10; "A
Friend," 10; Mrs. R.E. Holmes, 5; M.B. Dudley, 5; J.J. Whiting, 5; L.W.
Tiffany, 5; H.H. Kelsey, 3; Chas. Moore, 2; E.B. Gaylord, 2; Miss N.D.
Camp, 1; W.J. Garvin, 1; "Cash," 1; "Cash," 1; "Hosiery Hands," friends
of W.F. Taylor, 5.50; for Jewett Mem. Hall, Grand View, Tenn. NEW YORK.
$5,078.18 Brooklyn. S.
Ballard, for School 1200.00 Building,
Macon, Ga. Brooklyn. "A Friend." by S. Ballard, 500.00 for Macon, Ga.,
to Purchase Land. Brooklyn, E.D. Mrs. J.M. Hyde 1.00 Chenango Forks.
John B. Rogers. 10.00 deceased,
5; Cong. Ch. and Sab. Sch., 5; by Emma W. Ely, Treas. Comstock.
Russell Ranney. 20.00 Deansville. Mrs. L.A. Peck.

1.00 Eaton. Cong. Ch. and Soc. 10.00 East Bloomfield. Sab. Sch.

of Cong. 81.64 Ch., for Santee Indian Sch. East Otto. Cong. Ch. 5.00
Elbridge. Cong. Ch. 3.00 Fairport. Mrs. Garry Brooks,
for 10.00 Student Aid, Tillotson C. and N. Inst. Gerry. Mrs. Mary A.
Sears 198.36 Granby Center. J.C. Harrington, 10.00 deceased, by Jay C.
Harrington Jamestown. Sab. Sch.

of Cong. Ch., 9.18 8.18; Mrs. J.L. Hall, 1. Lockport.
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