Applying Sugarbot in Sugar using "Ubuntu Sugar Remix"

Asiri Gunarathna kaag87 at
Sat Sep 4 12:01:19 BST 2010

Hi All,

I'm Asiri one of OLPC Sri lankan Tester. I have been assign to do automation
using sugarbot in sugar.

So I choosed this Ubuntu Sugar Remix to accomplish my task.

Last 1,2 weeks I'm trying to install sugarbot in Sugar. But  I cannot to do

This is the web link that i use to refer,to apply sugarbot in sugar,

These are the steps that I've failed to do so ,

1) It says "Replace sugar/shell/ with " so where can i
find that "" in this distribution?

2) "Diff the files and make the necessary changes for sugarbot" how can I
complected this task ?

3)In this distribution where's the "" ??

4)under the web link which I provided earlier , how to perform the
"Launching Sugar" step also

5) and also about the "buildbot" regarding to this.

please can any one help me to over come this task.

I wrote so many posts , in many mailing lists, but unable to find some help.

Looking forward to hear from you.

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