Activity Central's priorities for Ubuntu Sugar Remix.

David Farning dfarning at
Fri Oct 8 05:47:16 BST 2010

Ubuntu Sugar Remix is ready for a soft release. Yippy!  Enough
celebration:) With a release comes planning for the next release... in
spring on 2011.  For projects which build on top of Ubuntu Sugar Remix
and other who contribute to Ubuntu sugar Remix, I would like to lay
out Activity Central's roadmap and priorities.

We will focus on three areas: Upstream synchronization, packaging the
school server, and user experience.

-- Upstream synchronization --
Synchronization at the distribution level is interesting because there
are four moving pieces: Sugar is moving forward, Sugar on Debian is
moving forward, Ubuntu is moving forward, and USR is moving forward.
Our goal is to ship Sugar 0.92 on Ubuntu 11.04.

Current will be in universe.

current +1 will start in the ppa steps will be:
1. package Sugar 0.90 on maverick
2. update to sugar 0.90 on 11.04 on stabilization of 11.04.
3. switch to .91 on maverick on first release of .91.
4. switch to .92 on 11.04 on release of .92.

The biggest challenges will be the browser and transition to gnome 3.

-- School Server --
Create Ubuntu Sugar Remix-Server.  USR-S will be to provide the basic
collaboration services required by Sugar.

-- User experience --
Fix bugs and add features as necessary to improve the user experience
on Sugar and USR.


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