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Tue Oct 5 20:15:39 BST 2010

Bug expiry in Launchpad is changing

The way Launchpad handles inactive bugs is changing. This affects your project
Ubuntu Sugar Remix at

What's going to change

Right now, the bug expiry option is enabled for Ubuntu Sugar Remix but is inactive
across all of Launchpad.

We weren't happy with the way bug expiry worked, so we turned it off. However,
now we're ready to switch it back on.

In about two weeks, we will re-enable automatic bug expiry in Launchpad.
However, we are going to deselect the bug expiry option on each project,
including Ubuntu Sugar Remix.

What this means for your project

If you want Launchpad to automatically expire bugs that appear to be inactive,
you need to select the 'Expire "Incomplete" bug reports when they become
inactive' option on this page:

For more detail on how Launchpad determines if a bug is inactive, visit our
help page:

If you enable automatic bug expiry, Launchpad will start to automatically
apply the new 'Expired' status to inactive bugs from around 18 October 2010.

If you do not want Launchpad to automatically expire inactive bugs, you should
do nothing.

Why we're doing this

Most projects have some bugs that languish with no activity. They clutter bug
listings and, let's face it, are unlikely to ever come back to life.

Automatic bug expiry lets you hand Launchpad the burden of dealing with these.

We're disabling the feature on your project, and others, so that Launchpad
continues to work for you in the way it does now -- i.e. without automatic bug
expiry. If you do want to re-enable bug expiry, it'll take just a few seconds.

Deryck Hodge
Launchpad Bugs Team Lead

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