Choice for Sugar on Ubuntu

Grant Bowman grantbow at
Wed Mar 17 04:22:05 GMT 2010

There are quite a few choices.  The bug in X triggered by
sugar-emulator / Xephyr where modifier keys like control get stuck
down unless you disable the keyboard repeat setting (with or without
Compiz) is VERY annoying. Browse also fails for me under the latest
sugar-emulator packages such as sugar 0.87.8-1~ppa1 using sugar-browse
114-1~ppa1.  Downloading images for qemu may be OK if the right
uncompressed image is downloaded and the athlon flag is properly in
place in the qemu version available on Karmic 9.10 right now,
0.11.0-0ubuntu6.3.  Images for NAND flashing are different.  What's
the best way to test a recent build of Sugar in an emulated
environment (virtualbox or qemu) on Karmic 9.10 right now?  Are the
Sugar on a Stick (SOAS) with F12 images recommended?  I don't want to
reboot from a stick or disk image just to demo Sugar on my laptop.


Grant Bowman

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