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Tue Jan 26 03:21:40 GMT 2010

Hello David

On Mon, Jan 25, 2010 at 9:37 PM, David Farning <dfarning at> wrote:
> Great to see you here! Your reputation proceeds you:)

thanks for the warmth welcoming

 All ready
> activate in the bug tracker.  All of the existing bugs can be seen at

will take a look,

> Happily we are syncing most packages from debian into Lucid.  As a
> result Lucid is a complete break from karmic.  Because of the poor
> user experience of the Karmic packages, I am encouraging the team to
> focus on Lucid where ever possible.
> If you are looking for challenge, the most problematic packages are
> Xulrunner ( which I noticed you were discussing upstream),

Yes, xulrunner in debian seems well but in ubuntu has some
problems..besides from mozilla's new release scheme.

> (needed by write)

It seems that now we have it on debian testing :).

(ubuntu will sync it but a ticket wont hurt ? )

, and squeak/etoys( we need to sync from Debian)

Is advisable to fill a bug for that?

> look forward to working with you.

Thanks again.

> david
> On Mon, Jan 25, 2010 at 8:06 PM, Rafael Enrique Ortiz Guerrero
> <rafael at> wrote:
>> Hello All
>> Thank you for having me on your team, i'm a sugar collaborator
>> and along with SugarLabs and my purpose is to make Sugar great!
>> For example now i'm working on debian/ubuntu related issues for sugar.
>> cheers!,
>> Rafael Ortiz
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