abiword in universe and a welcome

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Wed Jan 20 15:29:33 GMT 2010

The big new for this week is that abiword has moved from main to universe.  While on its face this may seem like a move backwards, we have had a problem with abiword being in main while one of it build dependancies had already been migrated to universe.  As a result, abiword would not build.  Argggg.

This was just a matter of crossing all of the t's and dotting all of the i's so the abiword could also be move to universe with out break anything else.  We have one more month to get xulrunner and xpcom straightened out and before the feature freeze and life should start getting easier.

Welcome to Michael Yabes.  He is a student at the Governors Academy.  He will be helping us work more effectively with the Academy by keeping on top to the bugs and features which are important to them.

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