large iso size for 0110 Ubuntu-remix and testing results

Thomas C Gilliard satellit at
Sun Jan 10 23:50:00 GMT 2010

DVD blanks are cheap...NP   : )

I use a HP Pavillion notebook (Turion64) from which I phisically removed 
the Vista HD for making USB sticks. So I do burn .iso's for testing. 
Just as easy to use a DVD as a CD...: )

Note: shutdown is easy if you do not try to use dropdown box menus for 
it. Use terminal:
"sudo shutdown -h now" to exit

Analyze activity crashes ONLY if try to see presence service.
gedit from terminal crashes when invoked from terminal

Same behaviors observed whether installed to VB or running from live CD

Tom Gilliard

dfarning at wrote:
> Does anyone test the weekly releases by burning them to a CD?
> I have gotten lazy and cheap so I test with qemu and then copy the 
> contents to usb memory stick for testing on my netbooks.  I tend to 
> forget to remove the cuft to keep the iso's small enough to fit on a CD.
> Satellit,
> I am going to focus on getting the libabiword->sugar-write-activity 
> stack this week.  I'll try to look at the shut down issue the 
> following week.
> david 

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