ubuntu-sugar-remix community update

Thomas C Gilliard satellit at bendbroadband.com
Mon Jan 4 16:29:05 GMT 2010

I just tested 0103 on Sun Virtual box:

1-)It does not install to the hard disk. It switches to the CD.iso after 
it starts partitioner.
On reboot it will not start the HD (Your first version installed to HD 
2-)Analyze activity will crash if Presence tab is selected
3-) Browse does not start, does save yourself after delay
4-) terminal will not run if log out or shutdown is previously selected
5-) Shutdown can be done from terminal: sudo shutdown -h now  works 

Tom Gilliard

dfarning at ubuntu.com wrote
> It looks like I am going to spend a lot of time writing again.  The 
> response to the initial USR was quite a bit more than I expected.  
> That is great!  But, it is going to take a while before we are all 
> heading in the same direction. I have gotten a couple of questions 
> about the bigger picture intentions for USR and how people can get 
> involved.
> --Ubuntu-Sugar-Remix is going to be fast and furious for a couple of 
> months. 
> The primary packages will be in Lucid.  Lucid is currently set to auto 
> sync against Debian testing.  Rather than get in the habit of carrying 
> a bunch of patches almost all issues will be pushed upstream.  The 
> ubuntu packages will only deviate from the the debian packages it we 
> intend to do something which seems odd in the eyes of debian 
> developers or for brief periods of time while Ubuntu freezes in 
> preparation for a release.  Once things settle down, we will try to 
> use the ubuntu backport team to build karmic packages.
> I hope to have daily (or every couple of days) releases for a few 
> weeks as we knock off low hanging bugs.  Longer term, releases will 
> align with normal releases.   In the meantime I strongly suggest 
> testing the images rather than trying to install the packages.
> I have released a new snapshot of Ubuntu-Sugar-Remix base on feedback 
> and bug reports from Caroline Meeks and Satellit.  thanks.  
> http://people.sugarlabs.org/dfarning/ubuntu-sugar-remix-0103.iso
> --Packages, images, autosyncs and PPAs.
> A few minutes go Jeff Elkner, from the Governor's Career and Technical 
> Academy in Arlington (GCTAA), has asked some hard questions about why 
> I am breaking so much stuff.  The short answer is that the SugarTeam 
> 0.86 PPA was never meant to be more than a proof of concept that Sugar 
> on Ubuntu could be awesome.  (and a chance for me to learn to package)
> Ubuntu Sugarteam is the new kid on the block.  Debian, Ubuntu, and 
> Sugar Labs are well established and successful project.  They have 
> workflows, processes, products, and projects which they have 
> established over the years.  To be successful, we have to figure out 
> how to build on the best parts of those project, and give back value.
> Debian -> Ubuntu.  One of the greatest strengths (and sources of 
> frustration) in the .deb echo system is the upstream/downstream 
> relationship between Debian and Ubuntu.  Short term it was pretty easy 
> to hack together some packages which worked and stick them in a PPA.  
> Long term we are going to need to work with Debian to share the 
> packaging burden.  Ideally, a few of us will become Debian developers 
> or Debian package maintainers
> Ubuntu -> Sugar Team.  Again the PPA was quick and easy... and proved 
> that Sugar on Ubuntu could be awesome.  Long term we are going to need 
> to work with the Ubuntu community and process.  For now, we must 
> depend on MOTU sponsors to help us work 'with' Ubuntu.  Within, a few 
> months we should have a couple of MOTU qualified people on the team.
> Sugar Labs -> Ubuntu-Sugar-Remix.  The final piece of the puzzle will 
> be working with Sugar Labs.  After all, the whole point of USR is to 
> make Sugar more widely available.  Hopefully all the bug reports, 
> triaging, and hacking we do makes it way back upstream to Sugar Labs.
> We have three strong upstream partners.  As we move forward we will 
> have to 'prove our value' to down stream partners who take USR and put 
> it in the hand of children everywhere.
> david

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