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It looks like I am going to spend a lot of time writing again.  The response to the initial USR was quite a bit more than I expected.  That is great!  But, it is going to take a while before we are all heading in the same direction. I have gotten a couple of questions about the bigger picture intentions for USR and how people can get involved. 

--Ubuntu-Sugar-Remix is going to be fast and furious for a couple of months.  

The primary packages will be in Lucid.  Lucid is currently set to auto sync against Debian testing.  Rather than get in the habit of carrying a bunch of patches almost all issues will be pushed upstream.  The ubuntu packages will only deviate from the the debian packages it we intend to do something which seems odd in the eyes of debian developers or for brief periods of time while Ubuntu freezes in preparation for a release.  Once things settle down, we will try to use the ubuntu backport team to build karmic packages.

I hope to have daily (or every couple of days) releases for a few weeks as we knock off low hanging bugs.  Longer term, releases will align with normal releases.   In the meantime I strongly suggest testing the images rather than trying to install the packages.

I have released a new snapshot of Ubuntu-Sugar-Remix base on feedback and bug reports from Caroline Meeks and Satellit.  thanks.  http://people.sugarlabs.org/dfarning/ubuntu-sugar-remix-0103.iso

--Packages, images, autosyncs and PPAs.

A few minutes go Jeff Elkner, from the Governor's Career and Technical Academy in Arlington (GCTAA), has asked some hard questions about why I am breaking so much stuff.  The short answer is that the SugarTeam 0.86 PPA was never meant to be more than a proof of concept that Sugar on Ubuntu could be awesome.  (and a chance for me to learn to package)

Ubuntu Sugarteam is the new kid on the block.  Debian, Ubuntu, and Sugar Labs are well established and successful project.  They have workflows, processes, products, and projects which they have established over the years.  To be successful, we have to figure out how to build on the best parts of those project, and give back value.

Debian -> Ubuntu.  One of the greatest strengths (and sources of frustration) in the .deb echo system is the upstream/downstream relationship between Debian and Ubuntu.  Short term it was pretty easy to hack together some packages which worked and stick them in a PPA.  Long term we are going to need to work with Debian to share the packaging burden.  Ideally, a few of us will become Debian developers or Debian package maintainers

Ubuntu -> Sugar Team.  Again the PPA was quick and easy... and proved that Sugar on Ubuntu could be awesome.  Long term we are going to need to work with the Ubuntu community and process.  For now, we must depend on MOTU sponsors to help us work 'with' Ubuntu.  Within, a few months we should have a couple of MOTU qualified people on the team.

Sugar Labs -> Ubuntu-Sugar-Remix.  The final piece of the puzzle will be working with Sugar Labs.  After all, the whole point of USR is to make Sugar more widely available.  Hopefully all the bug reports, triaging, and hacking we do makes it way back upstream to Sugar Labs.

We have three strong upstream partners.  As we move forward we will have to 'prove our value' to down stream partners who take USR and put it in the hand of children everywhere.

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