Closing the loop on testing.

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I wanted to check in on how this is going.


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> I just wanted to close the loop on the method behind the madness of the
> smoke tests.
> Last semester we found that it was very difficult to generate good bug
> report while in the classroom.  I would go as far as to say that many of the
> reports from the GPA did as much harm as good.  (I consider it a lesson
> learned)  The A room full of squirmy kids who are hungry or need to go potty
> it is not the _optimal_ time for generating good bug reports.
> The smoke test provides test for many of the common things which happen in
> a classroom, yet allows testers and debuggers to work through the issues in
> a more controlled setting.  Once a release passes the smoke test, it gives
> teachers a level of confidence that it is ready for further testing in the
> field.
> What we want to do is create a process where we gradually add variables to
> the testing process as we get more and more bugs worked out.
> The interesting results of the last couple of weeks were _not_ the bug
> reports themselves, but the feed back that the installation methods, bug
> reporting methods, and documentation pages were so poor that tester were
> unable to get things working well enough in a class period to generate bug
> reports.
> Hopefully, the new VirtualBox VM and improved organization on Launchpad and
> the wiki will help.... always keep the feed back coming.  Jeff's
> self-effacing style of criticism is particularly welcome after a long day:)
> david

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