Sugar on the Asus Eee 701

Tabitha Roder tabitha at
Sat Nov 7 11:02:07 GMT 2009

> > W: Failed to fetch
> >
> >  404  Not Found
[7/11/09 11:28:44 PM] carrott: > I think the Ubuntu Infrastructure is
getting hammered pretty hard as a
> result of the 9.10 release.  I keep getting timeout errors.  I think
> we just need to let this sit for a few days until the infrastructure
> gets back to normal:(

found the problem, the instructions on are wrong for karmic -- there
are no karmic files in the ppa:sugarteam/ppa suggested on that page. You
need to use ppa:sugarteam/0.86 instead

downloaded the packages, sugar installed but found browse doesn't load:

log says importerror: cannot open shared object file: no such file
or directory. activity died: pid 3186 condition 256 data (none, <open file
'<fdopen>', mode 'w' at 0xa995c00>)

We had this problem with ~alsroot's ppa and reported the bug and a
workaround here:

the workaround of installing python-hulahop's build dependancies works with
the sugar-team 0.86 ppa too
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