[Bug 358436] Re: New upstream bugfix release: sugar-toolkit

Artur Rona ari-tczew at tlen.pl
Mon Jul 27 13:12:27 BST 2009

** Tags added: upgrade

New upstream bugfix release: sugar-toolkit
You received this bug notification because you are a member of Sugar
Team, which is subscribed to sugar-toolkit in ubuntu.

Status in “sugar-toolkit” package in Ubuntu: Confirmed

Bug description:
Binary package hint: sugar-toolkit


Changelogs for this and previous stable releases we haven't packaged yet (bug numbers are for http://dev.sugarlabs.org):

== News ==
- new german and spanish translations

== Fixed tickets ==
* #610 Journal Palette does not manage too many characters for a title correctly

== Fixed tickets ==
* Bundlebuilder list_files: Better error handling #635
* Only call read_file once on activity startup #428
* Revert "Listen for map in Window instead of in Canvas (alsroot) #428"
* Use git ls-files instead of git-ls-files, to work with newer Git. d.sl.o #647
* Bundlebuilder: Don't include whole directory in src tarball #397

== Fixed tickets ==
* #504 XO figure crown & soles clipped in panel label
* #397 bundlebuilder: dist_source hangs when git repository contains too many files
* #157 Icon sizes not reset when switching back to random layout

== Fixed tickets ==
Catch all exceptions while saving #224
Listen for map in Window instead of in Canvas (alsroot) #428
Restore minimal .xol support #459
Use the same font size independent from scaling
Don't recursively clean an activity if it's a symbolic link #444
Add extension to temp icon file names #458
Process .py files in subdirectories './setup genplot' #391 (alsroot)
Improve error handling of calls to XGrabKey #431
Cleanup temp files at exit #435
Let activities provide their own implementation of get_preview() #152
Show/Hide the color palette correctly (#374)
Support setting None as the secondary text #384
Only display one line in the secondary text of a clipping palette #384
Switch to existing instance of an activity if it’s already running #410
Reveal the palette on right click on an activity icon #409

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