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> I can start internet via terminal using pon dsl-provider but the browser
> doesn't seem to work or "mesh", I go into the network control panel by
> right-clicking on the user icon, is there something I need to add or edit?
>  The session froze for a while when I was in the network settings, and
> banging on the keyboard eventually got the session back.

Mesh will not function, as you lack a 802.11s wireless card. (these are
typically not sold to consumers)

Are you able to ping the outside world (ie. or from the
terminal, but not access it via Browse? Please see this
post<>for more info.

Yes, of course, sound is perfect in Ubuntu Gnome which runs pulseaudio. Do I
> need a deamon or something?

*daemon. No idea why that isn't working for you.

> The activity called journal, what is it supposed to do? Can I search my
> harddrive with it?

Heh, it's working properly. The Journal is supposed to keep a record of what
you do using Sugar. When you open up a document in Write, for example, and
put someting in it, you are not prompted to save it to a directory. Rather,
the Activity stores the document in the Journal, where it can be later
retrieved. Please see the Journal OLPC
wikipage<>for a detailed explanation,
and the
HIG <> for an explanation of the Sugar UI

I find the stop activity button no problem, it was the logout I was looking
> for.
Odd, it should be displayed, per Do you
use GDM as your session manager?

If you need to, as a workaround you can kill your session with ALT+SysReq+K,
but that will immediately terminate all applications running in that X

Luke Faraone
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