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Ou're staying? Oh! Beatrice; come! We'll get away from here at once--as
far, as far--anywhere you like. Oh! my darling --only come! If you
knew---- BEATRICE. It's no good, Michael; I've tried and tried.
STRANGWAY. Not! Then, why--? Beatrice! You said, when you were right
away--I've waited---- BEATRICE. I know. It's cruel--it's horrible. But I
told you not to hope, Michael. I've done my best. All these months at
Mentone, I've been wondering why I ever let you marry me--when that
feeling wasn't dead! STRANGWAY. You can't have come back just to leave
me again? BEATRICE. When you let me go out there with mother I
thought--I did think I would be able; and I had begun--and then--spring
came! STRANGWAY. Spring came here too! Never so--aching! Beatrice, can't
you? BEATRICE. I've something to say. STRANGWAY. No! No! No! BEATRICE.
You see--I've--fallen. STRANGWAY. Ah! [In a twice sharpened by pain]
Why, in the name of mercy, come here to tell me that? Was he out there,
then? BEATRICE. I came straight back to him. STRANGWAY. To Durford?
BEATRICE. To the Crossway Hotel, miles out--in my own name. They don't
know me there. I told you not to hope, Michael. I've done my best; I
swear it. STRANGWAY. My God! BEATRICE. It was your God that brought us
to live near him! STRANGWAY. Why have you come to me like this?
BEATRICE. To know what you're going to do. Are you going to divorce me?
We're in your power. Don't divorce me--Doctor and patient--you must
know--it ruins him. He'll lose everything. He'd be disqualified, and he
hasn't a penny without his work. STRANGWAY. Why should I spare him?
BEATRICE. Michael; I came to beg. It's hard. STRANGWAY. No; don't beg! I
can't stand it. [She shakes her head.] BEATRICE. [Recovering her pride]
What are you going to do, then? Keep us apart by the threat of a
divorce? Starve us and prison us? Cage me up here with you? I'm not
brute enough to ruin him. STRANGWAY. Heaven! BEATRICE. I never really
stopped loving him. I never--loved you, Michael. STRANGWAY. [Stunned] Is
that true? [BEATRICE bends her head] Never loved me? Not--that night--on
the river--not----? BEATRICE. [Under her breath] No. STRANGWAY. Were you
lying to me, then? Kissing me, and--hating me? BEATRICE. One doesn't
hate men like you; but it wasn't love. STRANGWAY. Why did you tell me it
was? BEATRICE. Yes. That was the worst thing I've ever done. STRANGWAY.
Do you think I would have married you? I would have burned first! I
never dreamed you didn't. I swear it! BEATRICE. [Very low] Forg
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