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 there'll be plenty of occasions later on. You see, I had to go on an
important errand for my mother." "It must have taken you out of town,
then," remarked Hugh; "or else you'd have showed up at the athletic
grounds later on." "The fact of the matter is, I had to run over to
Chestnut Hill, which you know is some ten miles away," explained Thad,
as he made room alongside for his chum. "It was a matter that could not
be delayed, so I didn't even bother running to the field to report to
Mr. Leonard. At that I hoped to breeze along fast enough to fetch me
back in time to have a little turn with the boys; but I counted without
considering that I was dealing with an old car; and sure enough one of
the back tires had to take on a puncture." "And as you didn't carry an
extra tire along, you just had to lay off and mend the same," chuckled
Hugh. "I was afraid that might happen the other night when on our way to
the hop; but we were lucky enough to escape it. Of course, on the road
home, I wouldn't have cared much, because all the fun was over by then;
and the girls would consider it something of a joke for us to bump along
on a flat tire. But I see the old flivver in by the barn, so you did
manage to get it home after all, eh, Thad?" "Oh! yes, though I made a
beastly mess of my tire-mending, I'm afraid. I ought to take a few more
lessons in that art, because I've always been weak there. And when I
found how late it was after getting here I concluded not to hustle
around to the grounds. I guessed you'd be cropping up to find out what
had become of a certain baseball crank who had played hookey. So I've
been sitting here about ten minutes, I should judge." "Is that all?"
asked Hugh. "Well, no, it isn't," snapped Thad, "though I wonder how
your sharp eyes noticed anything peculiar about my manner. There is a
lot more to tell you, Hugh." "Suppose you get started then, and let's
hear of your adventures," the other went on to say, with kindling
interest. "Did any tramp try to hold you up on the road; or was it
necessary for you to stop and help put out a fire 
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