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Fri Apr 24 16:25:21 BST 2009

IM.  Sugar depends on Telepathy to pass messages back and forth.

> We plan on having a Jaunty-based showcase running in three weeks or
> so. If Sugar is usable in that environment, we'll definitely push for
> it in this lab. The lab is used by faculty and students from early
> childhood ed. and other departments inb CoE. They'd love to bring in
> teachers and children from local schools to showcase it.

Since you have a very good use case I suggest that you work directly
with Ubuntu-SugarTeam to get the lab setup. Sugar on Jaunty currently
does not work well.  Ubuntu developers got caught in the Jaunty deep

david (the other one)

> I'm cc'ing David Van Assche in case he's not on this list (highly
> doubtful, though). I am currently using his fatclient script
> (
> on Intrepid+GNOME.

> cheers,
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