Where are we heading?

simon at mungewell.org simon at mungewell.org
Thu Nov 13 22:01:38 GMT 2008

As (probably) the newest team member I am trying to get up to speed with
what/when/how Sugar overlaps with Ubuntu.

As I understand it.....

At present we have 0.82 Sugar, but 0.83 (to be 0.84) is well underway and
is significantly different in some areas.

My understanding is that all of the XO/Sugar developers are busy getting
ready for XO Camp next week (Nov 17) and by the end of the week a lot more
things will be set in stone for the next release of Sugar.

There is already a road map here:

There is also a Ubuntu 9.04 road map here:

With the Sugar 'feature freeze' (Dec21) just before Ubuntu 'Debian import
freeze' (Dec25). Is this really that strict?

Does that sound about right?

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